Bad credit business loans -Try our easy business loans for bad credit today

Try our easy business loans for bad credit today

The business is spinning for good. In order to be able to operate and develop a company and to adapt the offer to the changing market requirements, money is needed. Entreprenuers are well aware, especially those who are undertaking the business for the first time. For owners of all companies – new, small and medium-sized enterprises, we at has prepared a wide range of business loans for bad credit. Time for decisive action.

Top Offer:

Non-refundable loan up to PLN 25,000 without financial documents, without collateral, without IIM Bank and US certificates! 
The construction of this product for the sake of the redemption of capital is quite complicated, so gladly an adviser will explain its structure at the meeting or by phone.

  • Internship for 3 months.
  • Acceptable legal forms – one-man activities
  • Acceptable CFE – A

Loan up to PLN 50,000 with no financial documents, no collateral, no IIM Bank and US certificates!

  • Internship for 6 months.
  • Acceptable legal forms – one-person activities and partnerships
  • Acceptable CFE – A
  • Non-arrears – not required if the client provides confirmation of transfers to IIM Bank and US for the last 3 months.

Loan up to PLN 100,000 without financial documents, without collateral.

  • Internship for 18 months.
  • Acceptable legal forms – all
  • Acceptable CFE – A, B
  • Non-arrears – required from IIM Bank and US.

Loans based on the revenue calculation method of creditworthiness – up to 1 million (secured and unsecured) – for a conversation at a bank meeting.


Leasing without financial documents

financial loan

EM loans and EM guarantee and guarantee lines – products where the union guarantees part of the loan, we increase the amount possible to be granted and we reduce the interest rate (to talk at the meeting).

If you have any questions about products for companies, interested parties are kindly requested to contact us via the forms (submit an application) below.


Loan for companies in Rose Bank

Credit scoring – a point method for assessing the credibility of a person applying for a bank loan. In its simplest form, it consists in granting the applicant points on the basis of his personal and property data, defined in a special scoring card, which after summing up is a measure of risk assessment related to a potential borrower – this is an application scoring. Credit risk assessment calculated by CFE.

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