How to take a mortgage loan (online loans and microloans on the card) without checking the credit history


To date, the banking industry has made great strides forward. Anyone who wants to have their own separate housing can easily contact a bank or go to the website for a mortgage loan. Credit organizations, moving with time, are already issuing loans and loans over the Internet online. For example, in detail about how to get a loan online on a card instantly and around the clock without refusing credit institutions, you can read the article at the link.


You no longer need to postpone, borrow and, most importantly, wait for years, when all the same these savings will come to the final end.

What is a mortgage loan?

What is a mortgage loan?

Mortgage loan (credit) is the purchase of residential real estate by individuals or individual entrepreneurs with a share in the authorized capital of a bank up to 25 years with a rate of 12% per annum.

This service can be used by citizens over the age of twenty-five, who have a permanent stable income, a document confirming this income, namely a certificate 2-NDFL (for an individual), 3-NDFL (for individual entrepreneurs) or a certificate in the form of a bank. Credit history should not be damaged, minor late payments are allowed. Monthly income of at least 30,000 thousand rubles, if it is a family, and at least 20,000 for one.

Do not rush to the choice of the bank

Do not rush to the choice of the bank

A large number of proposals can be found on all resources on the Internet, as well as in branches or by phone. Analyze at least 3-4 sentences, find out about the conditions and only then prepare a package of documents.

If there is not enough small amount of money for buying a home, for example, 30-50 thousand rubles, then it is better to take microloans, as it is much easier and faster to get them and pay them off as soon as possible. By the way, in detail about how to take microloans to a card without checking your credit history in 5 minutes, you can read on the site

Advantages of a mortgage loan (lending):

Advantages of a mortgage loan (lending):

  • transparent interest system;
  • fixed interest rate for the whole term;
  • free early full or partial repayment on any term with recalculation of interest;
  • registration without guarantors, the ability to issue a mortgage on bail;
  • approval of a mortgage loan is valid for three months, due to which the borrower can not rush to the choice of buying a property;
  • convenient repayment of a loan in a variety of ways: through a bank branch, ATMs, payment terminals such as Eleksnet and Qiwi, Russian Post and many others;
  • free consultations and information support 24 hours.

Despite all the advantages and transparency of this loan product, do not forget that there are always risks of acquiring such housing in a mortgage. For example, job loss or reduction. And if in this case the acquired property was pledged to the bank, it is very easy to lose everything.

Thus, always analyze the bank in which you are ready to take a loan offer, calculate the risks and weigh all the pros and cons.

Consider other options for buying real estate, there are quite a lot of them in the modern world. Such as buying from the developer, they offer excellent quality housing at low prices, as well as the purchase of an apartment in installments. Whatever you choose, build on your capabilities only.

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