Online Business Loans and Microlending of 2017

With regard to online business loans in 2017, micro-loans are particularly interesting; it is a form of financing that can be requested by any person who does not qualify for a bank loan. Exactly like personal loans without payroll can be requested through the websites of the financial or special services.

In fact, there are some web pages where, by filling out a form for the request, you can receive confirmation shortly together with the desired sum, in which each loan must be returned between 30 and 42 days later. It is therefore a simplified and fast loan which however requires details on the financial situation and on the concrete possibility of repaying the sum received.

Business Loans and Microlending

Business Loans and Microlending

The online business loans of 2017 called micro-loans serve in the case of financial emergencies since the granted figures are low, from a minimum of 500 euros to a maximum of 1500 euros, due to the need for business loans, immediate liquidity, for medical expenses, for purchases for the home , for other reasons.

They are required by those who have other loans already in progress, whether they are large sums or transfers of the fifth, so they need a small additional amount immediately. There are financial companies and credit institutions that provide micro-loans for large amounts with a ceiling of € 25,000 for small businesses and € 10,000 for private individuals. 

Application for a microloan

Application for a microloan

You can apply for an online business loan in 2017, such as a microfinance, by completing the online application at a special site specialized in fast and small loans, and the procedure takes place entirely online, or you can apply on an institution’s website. which offers micro-loans that have an operational office in every region of Italy and that re-contacts the customer to meet him at a listening desk near the user’s residence.

These loans are granted on the same day, immediately after the verification on the possible condition of a bad payer or protest of the applicant by the financial company; subsequently the institution provides the financing directly to the current account of the established capital, which normally cannot exceed € 5,000.

Requirements and timing


To obtain one of the 2017 online microcredit loans, an identification document, a tax code, an income document must be presented; it must be shown that it has no reports as a bad payer, that it has no protests in progress or other loans that can commit its income, to have a pay slip, a CU, a pension.

Online business loans are payable as long as the banks comply with increasingly stringent criteria regarding how many debts you can contract simultaneously. In any case, the loans are disbursed within 24 to 72 hours, in light of the obligatory bureaucratic timing to decide on a loan, though small, due to the numerous requests received together.

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